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There are multiple ways of cleaning sewer pipes from clogging, in addition to well-known instruments (plunger, plumbing rope) and special household chemicals, more and more widely used for sewer cleaning is a drain cleaning machine. Usually, the deterioration of runoff in the drainage pipes happen “suddenly”. To be prepared for the rapid adoption of appropriate action in such an emergency situation, it is necessary to be well informed about what this means for solving the problems are most effective.

When to apply for sewer cleanout machine

On the inner surface of the pipe during the operation of sewage produced various plaque deposits. Over time, the capacity of the pipe begins to decline, due to this environment is created in which the rapidly developing numerous microorganisms. In such a situation it is best to use the machine to clean the drain.

If the drains are not cleaned, they gradually begin to crumble. In this regard, it is impossible to neglect the need for preventive measures to ensure the normal condition of sewer pipes and be clear about what action should be taken if the blockage by surprise.

Mechanical devices

This method involves the use of plumbing tools - a spiral, a special cable with a mechanical drive, etc. In carrying out cleaning without the help of experts (for sewer clean-out machine - the most effective remedy), home-use what is most familiar.

In the application of spiral steps performed in the following order:

end of the coil is pushed into the drain,

the grip is rotated in one direction by pushing the spiral tube, until the end until it abuts against the blockage,

applying a little more effort, destroy obstructions or push it to the riser,

washing is carried out with hot water sewer system or use chemical means to clean the pipes of the fat that they always adhere to the inner surface.

Hydrodynamic devices

The essence of the purification process

Hydrodynamic cleaning of pipes has been applied to the mid-20th century as an adjunct to mechanical method. Currently, sewer and drain cleaning machine in this way is considered to be an effective and widely used tool. The scope of this cleaning method covers both external and internal sewage systems.

Operation hydrodynamic machine is as follows - the action of water fed under pressure into the pipeline is destruction and removal of deposits forming blockage. Since the operating pressure can be varied over a wide range (up to 190 MPa), then the use of this method allows you to clean pipes, completely clogged various deposits. The integrity of the pipe is not broken.

Installation for cleaning sewage efficiently cut and remove deposits that accumulate during operation on the inner surface of pipes. This method allows you to fully restore the capacity of the pipeline. Furthermore, after such a cleaning pipe to be less prone to the formation of new deposits. Since the sewer line regain the ability to self-cleaning, increasing the period of operation of the system.

Many believe that the sewer cleaning water supplied under high pressure, requires cumbersome equipment. However, for networks deployed in suburban homes, manufactured devices that are lightweight and easily placed in the trunk of a car.

Car owners and town houses appreciate the amenities that provide a mini-washing Karcher: sewer cleaning them is very effective. You only need to buy a special hose and nozzle set.

Equipment for hydrodynamic machines (nozzles)

The extent and nature of contamination, as well as the diameter of clearing his pipes - all of this must be considered when choosing accessories to ensure maximum efficiency in the use of hydrodynamic machines:

Punch nozzle is used for chronic clogged,

bottom-type nozzles allow for effective cleaning of the sand and silt,

chained carousel helps to eliminate foreign matter and strong root prirastany,

Rotary nozzles are effective in removing fat deposits,

Universal tips well help in different types of drain blockages.

The technology of hydrodynamic cleaning of sanitary sewer blockage

Home’s existing sewer pipes can be effectively cleaned with Karcher installation:

Are picked up and placed on the hose to clean the sewer special nozzle.

Through the viewing device or the toilet riser hose introduced into the conduit by approximately 1 m, and then include the installation. Then the hose begins to enter deep into the pipe itself.

Once the nozzle touches the blockage begins its destruction, and the water stagnant in the leaves.

After the destruction of obstruction several times, the purification unit hose pipes. In this tip thoroughly cleans the inside of the pipe.

  After turning off the unit hose is removed from the pipeline.

  Flushing residual pollution discharged into the sewer water.

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